Guee COB-X Light Set Review

What they say: COB-X is a lightweight, rechargeable green product, with a built-in quick charge battery.

What we say: As Guee point out in their marketing bumf, the days of replacing bike light batteries really should be long gone. Not least because the charge times of rechargeable Li-Poly batteries, like the ones used to power these, are improving all the time.

Indeed, this set only requires you to plug them in for one hour and 50 minutes, to get a charge that will last for four and a half hours on constant beam, for nine hours in flash mode, and 15 hours in strobe mode. With the USB charging port on the back, you’ll need to take them off the bike, but the simple strap attachment makes that an easy enough task. Both lights also emit a 180° beam, providing side-on visibility.


These 50 Lumen Cob lights should ensure you’re amply visible in urban areas.

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