Giro Synthe Mips – Helmet Review

Giro Synthe Mips helmet.

What they say: Synthe MIPS is the pinnacle of road helmet design, combining the performance gains of an aerodynamic profile and lightweight with great cooling power.

What we say: One of the first ‘regular’ aerodynamic road helmets, now updated with MIPS, the Synthe manages to have a foot in both camps as it delivers good aerodynamics and yet doesn’t look like it’s trying too hard, at least not to our minds.

Coming in three sizes and five color options, ours weighs 252g. There are 26 Wind Tunnel vents to cool your head, while lightweight straps and a slimline buckle that works with the Roc Loc Air retention system help keep it in place.

And if that wasn’t enough, two mesh panels at the front double up as docking point for your glasses as well as further assist with aerodynamics.

Conclusion: Slippery means fast and in the Synthe it’s still cool. Another great helmet.

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