Hedkayse One Helmet Review

Black Hedkayse One helmet

Expanded polystyrene helmets are an industry standard, but they’re also a one-shot product. Absorbing shocks by crushing to spread impact, they can manage this just once before becoming bin fodder, and are also poor at sucking up minor knocks.

To get around these issues, instead of using expanded polystyrene, the Hedkayse ONE helmet uses a unique new material developed by its makers. Called Enkayse, it allows this helmet to exceed the current European helmet standards while withstanding repeated severe impacts, including, but not limited to, being run over by a JCB.

‘Hedkayse ONE has been shown in standardized test conditions to sustain multiple impacts without incurring the least bit of structural damage,’ so say its designers George Fox and Andrew Redman. Immune to the accumulation of small bumps that slowly render regular helmets useless, the Enkayse material is also resistant to oil and grease, allowing it to outlive the standard five-year life span of most competitors.

Likely the toughest and most flexible bicycle helmet available on the market, not only is it almost impossible to damage during transport, but it can also be folded up into a package that’s just 10 cm across.

Covered in specifically engineered rip-proof Nylon, the Hedkayse’s styling is unique, and not without its charms. Weighing around 450 g it’s a chunk heavier than a standard helmet, however, and is currently available in just one size for heads of 49-62 cm in circumference. Still, it could be where helmets are, ahem, headed.

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