Lazer Century Helmet Review

Black and green Lazer Century bike helmet.

What they say: A new benchmark that requires no priorities for either protection, comfort, aerodynamics or visibility. The Century offers it all!

What we say: Faster equals hotter. So goes one well-worn phrase that crops up in discussions about cycling helmets. Or to put it another way, having lots of vents on your lid means a cooler head, but at the price of aerodynamics. It’s a conundrum Lazer has sought to solve here by the use of what it calls a Twist Cap.

It may sound a bit like a knee condition, but that’s actually the name given to a reversible plastic plate which magnetically clips to the top of the helmet that, when turned one way offers greater aero performance, and when flipped the other offers increased ventilation. As solutions go, it’s a pretty good one, not least because it’s something that you can easily do while riding on the flat.

Another funky feature is the integrated rear LED light which sits in the exhaust vent. It’s operated by a button inside the helmet and is rechargeable via an included USB cable. Choose either from constant beam or blinking mode. Battery life for the latter is a claimed 37 hours.

Operating it is a fiddly process, so don’t do what we did and attempt it without reading the manual first. Lazer’s turn-fit system, meanwhile, is employed at the back to ensure you can tighten the helmet around your head, while vertical adjustments can be made by sliding the head cradle backwards and forwards. Adjustable straps further assist in the quest for a perfect fit. Weighing 298 g, it’s available in white, black, red, blue/black and yellow.

Conclusion: A novel solution to the aero or airy puzzle, while the integrated light further enhances its appeal.

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