InvisiFRAME – Frame Shield Review

Bicycle covered with InvisiFRAME

What they say: We are the world’s leading supplier of precision cut, automotive grade, clear film protection for bike frames.

What we say: Want frame protection with bells and whistles? Then InvisiFRAME is the go-to service. Offering a huge range of products that start with a generic road kit, and go all the way up to bespoke kits via special kits to fit specific frames.

A visit to its website is a slightly mind-boggling experience. Don’t get us wrong, it’s easy enough to navigate, it’s just the sheer variety of what’s on offer is somewhat overwhelming, with every bike frame brand from Antidote to Zerode catered for as well as every type of bike, plus kits to protect more than just a bike’s frame.

The material used to wrap your bike in is the same stuff that high-end supercars leave the showroom in-a vinyl film called Venture Shield. And you can either choose to order the kit and do it yourself, or have it done for you at your local bike shop. It’s all on the website-check it out!


If you’ve dropped serious money on your bike and are serious about prolonging its life, this is for you!

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