Jet Black Whisper Drive Smart – Direct Drive Turbo Trainer Review

Jet Black Whisper Drive Smart Direct Drive Turbo Trainer

What they say: Three years in the making, this trainer will have cyclists looking forward to rainy days and excited about their regular indoor bike session.

What we say: Whisper Drive Smart is the updated version of Jet Black’s first Smart direct drive trainer and it’s a well-appointed option, too. First off, this is the only unit here that always runs without external power, in fact in an interesting twist it has a USB port so you can charge your electronics as you ride.

Jet Black says it’s capable of delivering progressive resistance that can deal with up to 2,500 watts and a 16% slope thanks to its electromagnetic resistance. In use, it certainly lives up to its name with the only audible noticeable noise beyond that of the chain on the cassette being the background whirr-well, if you exclude the heavy breathing of course.

The pedaling feel is smooth, road like and quick to respond to terrain changes – in fact, the Whisper nails these important details at a fair price. At 17 kg this is one of the heavier trainers here and sadly lacks a carrying handle. The legs also fold in and this joint allows the unit to rock slightly, which some would see as a benefit. Interestingly, the Whisper comes with an 11-speed Microshift cassette fitted so you’re saving money from the start.

Conclusion: Well-appointed for the price, the Whisper is a willing and able Smart training partner.

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