Knog Blinder Mini Chippy TW Inpack Light Set Review

Knog Blinder Mini Chippy TW Inpack Light Set

What they say: Surface mounted LEDs punch well above their weight, with the 20/11 lumens for front/rear.

What we say: Knog’s crazy naming antics continue with this set of blinkies. Output is 20 lumens up front and 11 at the rear which makes these only really suitable for getting seen during daytime rides in poor light. Both units have five output options, one steady and four flashing that last from just under two hours to 10.

A full recharge takes two and a half hours, and is done by plugging the lights directly into a USB port. Luckily, fitting is easy via the silicon band (multiple sizes are supplied) while an internal groove means they’ll fit aero bikes, too. A nice touch is the reflector around the light itself, which adds visibility.


Compact and simple but far from basic, seems like Knog have played, ahem, a Blinder.

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