Lezyne Zecto Drive set – Led Light Review

Lezyne Zecto Drive set – Led Light

The evolution of daytime riding lights is a relatively recent trend aimed at improving road safety in all daylight conditions, not just when it gets dark, so it was a subject that we were keen to examine as the summer drew to a close.

After exploring what the market had to offer, Lezyne’s Zecto Drive lights emerged as the best out there, setting a benchmark for quality that the company’s rep has been built on. Despite their relatively light weight (95g for the pair), these are tough little lights. Lezyne claims they are drop-resistant from a meter but we can attest that they won’t bust even if you deliberately send them ground ward from at least half a meter more than that (come on, it’s our job to try to break stuff!).

They attach to your bike or a bit of yourself either by clips or silicone straps, and with up to eight different lighting modes and a maximum of 15 hours’ burn time, all urban cyclists should add these to their armory.

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