Lifeline Performance CNC Mini Pump Review

Lifeline Performance CNC Mini Pump

Wiggle’s LifeLine Performance CNC mini-pump has a solid, quality feel to it. The hose extends from the handle, which has a plastic extension built into it to shield the connector. The connector itself has Presta and Schrader adaptors on either side of the head at right angles to the hose. The blue Presta adaptor is screwed onto the valve by rotating the red Schrader adaptor — a neat trick.

Having the connector at right angles to the tube works well, making it easier to screw the pump onto and off the valve than a straight-through design, as you can hold the tube firmly while screwing down the connector. Detachment is still a slightly fiddly operation though, with the risk of some air bleed if you disturb the valve core.

Pocketability is OK, although with its length and shiny finish we would be slightly concerned that it could slip out. The barrel has a rubber sleeve that holds the handle in place firmly when not being used to keep water and muck out. There’s also a sturdy bottle cage mount with a Velcro strap.

This is a great pump at an exceptionally low price.

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