Light light that’s also jolly bright! – Lumaray Front Light Review

Lumaray Front Light

The new Lumaray from Fabric is a super smart way to add some integrated illumination to your bike’s on board electronics.

If you’re on a constant quest for aero advantages or just ways to ensure your bike stays as sleek looking as possible, check this out. The Lumaray Front Light from Fabric has been designed with dual fixing points so it can be fitted between a quarter-turn GPS mount and a Garmin (or any computer with a compatible mount), like some sort of sandwich made from plastic and electronics.

The LEDs used in the light are powered by COB (Chip On Board) technology, which basically means the LEDs can blaze out more light from a smaller area, and this is how Fabric has managed to pack 30 Lumens (more than enough for riding in urban or suburban areas at night) into such a slender package. How slender? We’re talking around a centimeter deep and a weight of just 30g.

The power button on the left-hand side also allows you to toggle through four settings – high, medium, and low in constant beam plus a strobe option. Burn time runs from a claimed two hours in high to seven and a half in low beam. The wraparound design of the LEDs also give you 270° visibility, ensuring you’ll be seen not just by other road users ahead of you, but also those to your side – which can be critical at junctions.

The battery is rechargeable via a USB port that sits in a recess behind a rubberized door on the right-hand side of the tough nylon, water-resistant casing. If your bike already wears a computer, we reckon this is an ingenious way to get a front light on board, too, without further compromising its streamlined good looks.

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