MET Trenta 3K Carbon Helmet Review

MET Trenta 3K Carbon Helmet.

What they say: The construction of the MET Trenta 3K Carbon performs better than any other helmet on the market.

What we say: Weighing just 224 g, Met has minimized the weight of this lid by using EPS foam that it claims is 20% less dense than you’ll find elsewhere. All without compromising this lid’s power to protect.

It manages this apparently through the elasticity of the carbon used in the construction of the inner cradle, which is also adjustable via three mechanisms to achieve the perfect tightness, height and level of comfort.

As it’s worn by the pros of UAE Team Emirates, this is a helmet geared towards high performance, and its shape is decidedly aero with a (mostly) closed crown plus a tube-shaped tail. But it also strikes the right balance when keeping your head cool thanks to the large vents at the front and a slit-like vent at the top which uses the Venturi Principle, no less, to feed cooling air over your head and out the back of the helmet the faster you ride. Coming with a rear-mounted rechargeable light its available in black, white, black iridescent, or UAE Team Emirates colors.

Conclusion: The priciest, but this scores consistently highly for cooling, performance and comfort.

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