Polar OH1 Armband Review

Polar OH1 armband.

Level-up your bike computer or further smarten your smartphone. Polar’s OH1 armband features an optical heart rate monitor that uses light-emitting diodes to measure blood flowing beneath your skin.

Less clammy and restrictive than a traditional electrocardiogram strap, their slightly lower accuracy means your GP might not be switching over quite yet, however, their comfort and simplicity make them a great choice for recreational users.

You can even take them swimming. Worn on the wrist or upper arm, it’s also one of Polar’s first ANT + enabled gadget, massively expanding the number of devices to which it can be linked. Working alongside a low-energy Bluetooth protocol, it’ll talk with gym and studio equipment like treadmills, along with your smartphone, allowing you to harvest more data using popular apps like Strava or Endomondo.

Assuming you’re happy to lash your phone to your handlebars, these can be viewed on the move or dug into later. More obviously you can now connect the 0H1 to any Bluetooth or ANT + enabled computer. This includes Garmins, while an ANT + USB stick also opens up the possibility of using it with Zwift on your PC.

With Polar having upgraded its firmware, many of its existing computers have been considerably improved since their launch, yet are available at knockdown prices. For instance, its full-size V650 is now able to live-track your Strava segments, while the recently released M460 has similar capabilities along with advanced tools for analyzing power data. Combined with the OH1 armband, either would make a fully-featured alternative to a Garmin or Wahoo. Comes in black, grey or orange.

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