PowerTap P2 Power Meter Pedals Review

What they say: At the time PowerTap P1 Pedals were released, they were the most sophisticated pedal power meter on the market. And now the bar has been raised yet again.

What we say: We would argue that PowerTap were the originators in the cost-effective power meter market, certainly the Powertap rear hub was a huge success and many people’s first introduction to the concept of riding with power every day.

The company’s understanding of reading power must be second to none, given that they offer strain gauges in chainrings, rear hub and pedals, too. It’s perhaps little wonder then that they have just been bought by Quarq, SRAM’s power meter division.

Launched three years ago the P2, is an update of the P1 pedal and improves two key areas, as PowerTap has managed to shed 34 g, making them 398 g a pair, whilst the pair of AAA batteries that power them last 20% longer, meaning a run time of 80 hours.

Although it’s worth noting the batteries have to be lithium ion, which isn’t quite as widely available as alkaline. Data is transmitted via ANT + as well as Bluetooth Smart so the usual host of Apps and head units are compatible, likewise the cleats are based on the Look KEO so you can expect excellent performance with no fitment issues. Rounding out the technical details P2 are said to be accurate to within 1.5%.

Conclusion: Due an update but the least fussy option if you want a power meter you can move from bike to bike.

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