Pro Koryak Dropper Post Review

Pro Koryak Dropper Post

For such a huge brand, Shimano was pretty slow to launch a dropper post, but component arm Pro now offers this internally routed Koryak model. Options are limited to just the one 120mm drop, which won’t be long enough for some riders, but the post is lightweight and excellent value.

The Koryak uses an inline saddle clamp with an expanding wedge that tightens on the side. This makes it rapid to install the seat, and also means you can slam it close to the seatpost collar for increased clearance. We’re not the biggest fans of these single-bolt clamp designs though, as experience has taught us that they need serious torque to prevent the saddle tipping back if you accidentally land heavily on the saddle, from a g-out or compression, for example.

On the plus side, the Koryak moves up and down smoothly, stops anywhere in its travel and exhibits one of the fastest return rates here. There’s no slop or twist at the head at all, so it all feels well made and solid.

At the handlebar, Pro offers both the older, button-type remote or a shifter-style lever for those with 1x gear set-ups. The bad news is the under-bar option is a bit flimsy and flexy, and it’s also poorly positioned. As it’s hard to get it into the perfect orientation, and it sits a few mm too low, you have to consciously reach for it. This lever, combined with an actuator at the base of the post that is really sensitive to cable tension, are the two flies in the Koryak’s otherwise smooth ointment.

Still, if the 120mm drop is sufficient, the low weight is a bonus and the price is reasonable enough to allow you to upgrade to an aftermarket remote if needed.

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