Progold Prolink Chain Lube Review

Progold Prolink Chain Lube bottle

What they say: A thin-bodied lube which uses metal friction reducer technology for smooth shifting.

What we say: As Progold state this is a thinner lube than many, so to make sure that it stays where you put it, Prolink has been blended to include MFR. This is a molecule that bonds to metal surfaces allowing it to stay in place and do its job.

Being thinner, it’s also able to find its way into a greater number of smaller spaces, thereby reducing friction even further. The less bulky design and lack of solids, such as graphite, also means it’s less likely to become a claggy mess on jockey wheels etc, which makes the whole process of cleaning a whole lot easier.

Conclusion: Another multi-condition lube that takes a slightly different approach.

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