RFR Bottle Review

RFR Bottle

What they say: Hydration matters. Features a soft spout and large screw opening.

What we say: At first glance, the RFR bottle is a bargain-basement no-frills option, But it’s actually made from durable polyethylene that weighs just 64g in a 750ml size. That makes it the second lightest here by some margin after Muc-off’sX Elite FLY-and it’s ridiculously cheap. Its svelte profile is no accident, either.

That RFR in its name isn’t some kind of product code, rather it is an initialism that stands for ‘Ready For Race’ making this a great, weight-saving option if you’re in the hunt for marginal gains but don’t have a lucrative pro contract with Team Ineos.

Getting it in and out of a bottle cage is a pretty slick affair, too, so you won’t need to waste time or energy struggling to grab it for a drink or replacing it after. The action on the pull up/push down lid can be a little stiff, however. Available in either this blue or a black and red colorway.

Conclusion: If you’re racing but have yet to win any prize money then this is a marginal-gains option you can afford.

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