Ritchey Comp Review

Ritchey Comp handlebar, stem and seatpost.

What they say: COMP level components are designed to bring competition-worthy components down to a price that everyone can handle. You won’t find carbon here, but you will find the kind of performance and reliability you expect from Ritchey.

What we say: Price conscience doesn’t mean a lack of engineering excellence, at least not where Ritchey is involved. Being

an engineering-based component manufacturer means that all the aluminum components get the same shapes between the different levels, it’s the grade of aluminum that changes, so even though the 4-Axis stem is very well priced, it’s still double butted and that philosophy is found throughout.

Comp Butano handlebars come in four widths from 40-46 cm wide, whilst the 4-Axis stem has a six-degree angle and can be run either as a drop or flipped over for increased height. It’s also available in lengths from 6 cm to 13 cm. The 2B seatpost comes in three lengths, 30,35,40 cm and a variety of diameters 26.8, 27.0, 27.2, 30.9, 31.4, and 31.8 mm.

Highlight of the Comp range is the new bar, specifically designed for mixed-terrain riding, it aims to do a little of everything well thanks to its shallow drop, medium reach plus rearward sweep and flare out at the bottom to aim descending. It teams up beautifully with the updated 4-Axis stem with it’s wider 44 mm faceplate that increases stability of the bar connection.

Conclusion: As you’d expect from Richey, all the kit here is of the finest quality and at a price that’ll please many.

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