S Board and S Blade Mudguard set Review

S Board and S Blade Mudguard set

What they say: A great combination of front and rear mudguards, ideal if you need mudguards that can be fixed and removed quickly.

What we say: The front guard is a cinch to get on and off, as it is simply attached to your bike’s forks via a pair of adjustable straps. The range of adjustment is wide, too, so you’d be able to fit these to just about any size and shape of fork including aero forks or a bike with disc brakes. And because the straps are made of rubber, there’s no danger of damage or risk of scratching.

Weighing 94 g it offering 39 cm of protection, it can accommodate tires up to 38 mm. Fitting the rear, beavertail-style fender proved a little trickier but it’s an improvement on the previous model that required you to bolt it to the seat post. This is attached by a pressure- fit bracket to the seat post using an adjustable strap which has 15 cm of give in it. It weighs 104 g and offers 46 cm of pretty comprehensive coverage and will accommodate tires up to 47 mm.

Conclusion: Easy to get on/off, offering plenty of protection although not necessarily for anyone on your wheel.

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