S-Works Evade II with ANGi Helmet Review

Black and red S-Works Evade II with ANGi Helmet.

What they say: The new S-Works Evade helmet is straight up the fastest road helmet out there.

What we say: The humble bicycle lid has come a long way since the earliest cyclists first used pith helmets to protect their heads. By way of proof, we offer you this-the latest incarnation of the S-Works Evade II which is absolutely state of the art. It’s not just that sleek design that makes it so, either.

Although the hours this spent being fined-tuned in Specialized so-called ‘Win Tunnel’ make this the Californian company’s most aerodynamic offering to date. This isn’t just down to the helmet’s shape but also its cooling system, which uses deep vents upfront and strategically aligned exhaust ports to the rear to allow air to flow seamlessly over the top of the rider’s scalp. It’s in offering uncompromising protection, however, that makes the new Evade II really stand out.

For a start, its micro-dial, adjustable straps and magnetic buckle will help you find a fit that’s both comfortable and secure. Then there’s its patented multi-density EPS foam which is designed to dissipate impact energy, while MIPS has also been added to the Evade’s arsenal for the first time.

Even more impressively, this also comes with an integrated ANGi crash sensor which, once paired with the Specialized Ride App on your smartphone, can send out alerts and a GPS location to your pre-loaded emergency contacts in the event of a prang. Available in either white, black or red/black ours weighed 276 g.

Conclusion: Smart in every sense of the word. As a kid, this is what you dreamed 21st-century cycling helmets would look like. Probably.

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