Scion Hipo 550 RL 2.1 Saddle Pack Review

Scion Hipo 550 RL 2.1 saddle pack

What they say: A riding essential for every cyclist.

What we say: At 0.55L, this is a bit of a tiddler. Clipping unobtrusively yet easily and securely onto the underside of your saddle rails via a very sturdy plastic bracket. It’s big enough to fit a mini tool, s spare tube and perhaps C02 inflator.

Made from a thick water-resistant nylon, it’s partly reinforced walls offer good levels of protection, while the robust zip gives you every impression that it’ll serve you well for years to come. A clip for a rear light is integrated into the logo at the rear, while an integrated reflective detailing will aid with visibility. Weighs 140g.

Conclusion: Small yet surprisingly sturdy. We liked its easy to attach bracket, too.

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