See.Sense Ace Front and Rear Set Lights Review

See.Sense Ace Front and Rear Set Lights

What they say: ACE makes you more visible at riskier moments, connects to a smartphone app, and gives you the chance to improve the roads you cycle on.

What we say: With a maximum of 125 rear and 150 Lumens at the front, the Ace set will give a run time of up to 10 hours and can be customized via the smartphone app. More than that, it’s accelerometers will act as an alarm if your bike is moved when you’re not near and even send a crash alert to a nominated number should you wish.

By detecting when you filter, turn at a junction or are followed closely by another vehicle, the ACE’s brightness will increase in intensity and flashing will speed to act as an alert. And as the ACE’s tech can detect any unsafe routes you face on your ride, you can help planners improve road safety by sharing those insights via the app.

Conclusion: Joined up thinking at its best, almost no feature you’d hope to find on a smart bike light has been left out.

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