SKS Rideair Refutable Cartridge Review

SKS Rideair Refutable Cartridge.

Obviously, we think that cartridge CO2 inflation systems are great, they are ideal for emergencies and mean you don’t need to carry a mini pump the whole time, but there’s no getting away from the fact that a single-use metal cartridge isn’t the most environmentally friendly item. Whilst we don’t yet have reusable 16 g or 20 g cartridges this fab idea from SKS is a multi-purpose first step that’s worthy of consideration.

Using your high-pressure track pump to charge, Rideair will hold 600 ml of air at a pressure of 16 bar or 230 PSI meaning it’s capable of inflating atypical 28 mm road tire up to 5.1 bar or 74 PSI. Water-bottle shaped, at 450 g it’s not the lightest but it will fit in your bottle cage, kit bag or boot of your car to give a fast top up. This fast release of air also works well on tubeless tires, too.

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