SKS Traveller Click 800 Saddle Pack Review

SKS Traveller Click 800 saddle pack

What they say: Both practical and stylish.

What we say: This sturdy, water-resistant stiff takes a slightly different approach to many of its competitors. Firstly it has a robust plastic mounting that you fit permanently to your saddle rails which you can then easily clip and unclip the bag to/from while securing it to your seat post via an adjustable Velcro strap.

Secondly, where most saddle packs of this ilk open to the rear, this opens to the side. Pros? You can see and access its contents more easily. Cons, its contents are more inclined to tumble out. There’s a handy mesh pocket for a multi-tool on the inside of the lid, plus another one with a Velcro strap sewn into the lining.

The walls are stiff and reinforced for greater protection, while a waterproof zip closure helps ensure the contents stay. A rear light clip and reflective detailing also feature. Weighs 135g and has a 0.8L capacity.

Conclusion: Beautifully made product, if a bit fiddly to initially fit.

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