Specialized Purist Hydroflo Watergate Bottle Review

Specialized Purist Hydroflo Watergate Bottle

What they say: On very hot days, this akin to drinking from a sparkling clean glass.

What we say: It doesn’t look like much and yet this bottle has a silicon-dioxide coating that prevents that plasticky taste from creeping into your drink, even when the sun’s trying to boil your bottle’s contents. It also means that the bottle walls will remain free of discoloration as long as the integrity of that coating Isn’t compromised.

The cap is a pull-up/push down affair with a one way valve, so it won’t leak should you choose not to close it while you ride. We found it quite a tight fit in a standard bottle cage – but no more than a 3/10 on the annoy-o-meter.

It’s easy enough to drink from, however, thanks to its squeezy sides and that sturdy valve, which delivers a generous, evenly delivered slurp every time. It weighs 100 g and has a 653 ml capacity.

Conclusion: Maintains the taste of your drink impeccably. Its one-way valve is also a handy feature.

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