Specialized Stix Elite Light Review

Specialized Stix Elite Light

What they say: Tiny but tenacious, the Stix Elite tail packs a 62-lumen punch, while the headlight has 133 lumens.

What we say: Similar mounts for front and rear lights, place these units either behind the seatpost or in front of the stem cap, getting them well out of the way and so de-cluttering your bike. With a potentially feng shui-disturbing 133 lumens output, the front light has been given a ‘to-see-by’ beam pattern along with secondary LED lenses the help provide that all-important side visibility.

Both front and rear units have six beam modes, three constant, and three flashing. Up front that ranges from 97 lumens on maximum, (133 lumens is flashing) giving two hours 40 minutes of burn time, the same it provides at the rear where 37 lumens is on offer.


Lower output made up for by highly adaptable fitting and direct USB direct charging. Fine for city riding.

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