Speedsleev Smuggler Saddle Pack Review

Red, blue and black Speedsleev Smuggler Saddle Packs

What they say: Super light compact saddle pack made from water-resistant ballistic nylon fabric.

What we say: At 54g, this is the lightest here. Its design is also about as simple and unfussy it gets. This, like the Silca Seat Roll, is a wrap rather than a bag. Made from heavy-duty, water- resistant nylon, it attaches to yours addle rails via a thick, adjustable Velcro strap.

Once opened up, it offers five small, tight compartments big enough to carry things like a small multi-tool, a 16g C02 inflator, a puncture repair kit, a small tire lever, and possibly a lightweight inner tube at an absolute push. Available in red or black.

Conclusion: Its unobtrusive minimalist design means you’ll barely notice this is there.

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