Wahoo Kickr Bike Trainer Review

Wahoo Kickr Bike Trainer

Having wasted innumerable 50p pieces playing Sega’s Manx TT superbike game, we’re excited to see Wahoo release what must be the arcade unit’s natural heir. The brand’s new Kickr Bike is an automated trainer that tilts and bobs to replicate climbing and descending. Able to simulate slopes of up to 20%, it’s a bit like a very sedate bucking bronco but made to simulate the thrills of cycling rather than the rodeo.

Comprised of a full-size and ultra­ adjustable bike mounted on a linear actuator, that quickly raises or lowers the whole assemblage, it sits upon a sturdy platform which never wobbles no matter how much you thrash about on it. Backed by a smart resistance unit capable of producing over 2,200w for you to push against, it’ll also measure your power output with lab-quality accuracy.

Able to digitally match the gear ratios on your regular bike, these can be shifted using the realistic-feeling levers hanging from the bars. Also boasting multiple cranks lengths and interchangeable contact points, its fit should be equally familiar once set up to match your current ride.

Made to work with Wahoo’s software plus the TrainerRoad, Sufferfest, or FulGaz programs, most riders will likely load up Zwift and ride off into the virtual sunset. Part of a trend that’s seen full-size training bikes migrate from spin classes to homes, it joins only marginally less high-tech products from rival brands Bkooland Tacx. Twinned with a big screen and Wahoo’s smart fan, it’s as realistic an experience as you’ll find short of actually going outside for a ride!

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