Wahoo Creates Heart-Rate Monitor For Your Forearm – TICKR FIT Review


New tracker lets you keep a monitor on your beats per minute without messing with your look!

If you’re serious about your cycling, or at least serious about improving your fitness, a heart rate monitor is a brilliant tool for assessing and measuring your progress. Traditionally, of course, a heart rate monitor has taken the form of a strap that you lash across your chest in order to track your ticker.

And while most we’ve ever tried here at have provided highly accurate readings, we’ve found they can be a little uncomfortable to wear beneath our cycling jerseys as well as being sartorially stifling (yes, we know, we’re a bunch of galloping dandies!).

So it is with some delight that we greet the appearance on the market of Wahoo’s new TICKR FIT – a heart-rate monitor that delivers the accuracy of a chest strap but is worn – quite coolly we think- on the forearm via one of two supplied adjustable straps.

This discreet-looking device packs in loads of great tech, too, as you’d expect from Wahoo, whose previous products have included the excellent TICKR and TICKR X chest straps.

Not only can it keep track of your heart rate and calorie burn, but as it’s equipped with Bluetooth and ANT+ technology it’ll seamlessly and wirelessly pair with any fitness apps, smartphones, or bike computers you happen to be using.

It’s water resistant, too, so you’ve no need to worry about taking it out for a rainy day training ride, and with a (rechargeable) battery that will allow 30 hours of continuous use, it’s certainly got more stamina than us. Look out for a thorough review in this esteemed periodical sometime soon.

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