Wahoo Kickr Snap – Turbo Trainer Review

Wahoo Kickr Snap Turbo Trainer

Wahoo’s most budget-conscious turbo trainer is far from basic. It’s all about mimicking a regular ride indoors so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. To achieve this, it’s fully compatible with third-party apps like Zwift and TrainerRoad, as well as power meters from other suppliers, but the Kickr Snap also includes an algorithm that’s claimed to measure your power output within 3% accuracy if you don’t want to shell out more.

The Kickr Snap uses an electromagnetic system to simulate the resistance levels of various road riding conditions. As you’d expect, it works with Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ protocols and through this an app to control resistance, and can be used with the Kickr Climb accessory to simulate gradients.


A feature-packed trainer that provides most of the features of the full Wahoo Kickr at half the price.

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