Zefal Sense Pro 80 Bottle Review

Zefal Sense Pro 80 Bottle

What they say: The Sense Pro Bottle has been designed from the bottom up to offer cyclists the very best solution when it comes to hydration.

What we say: Stepping on the scales at a slender 90 g, this is has a generous 800 ml capacity. Removing it and replacing it from a standard bottle cage is an effortless affair, while its pleasingly ergonomic design inspires confidence when holding and handling it on the move.

Its pull-up-to-open, push-down-to- shut valve, meanwhile, almost glides when you operate it, while a double-closure system ensures that there are no unwanted leaks or spills.

And because the polypropylene that this has been constructed from is entirely odorless, you’re never left with a taste in your mouth like you’ve been chewing a pen lid, after taking a chug out of this. Available in four colorways including white, red, grey/blue or totally transparent.

Conclusion: A very good option, scoring highly for capacity, quality and price.

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