Zipp SL-70 Aero Handlebar Review

Zipp SL-70 Aero Handlebar

With all the know-how gained from yeans as one of the leading lights in carbon wheels and the complexity of an aerofoil that is spinning, you’d imagine the Zipp engineers could have knocked out the SL-70Aero bar in a lunch hour, but they assure us it took much, much longer.

All the same, the wheel CFD program was tasked with making the bars as sleek and aerodynamic as possible the upshot of which is a bar that is said to require 6.4 watts Iess than a round bar at 30mph,a small but worthwhile gain. A7 0mm reach it features internal cable routing, has an outward sweep of 4 degrees, comes sizes in from 38­-44 cm and has a list weight of 240g.

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