Cambridge Chamois Cream Review

Cambridge Chamois Cream

What they say: A 100% natural origin, anti-friction cream designed to cool the skin and ease chafing.

What we say: We’re suckers for the packaging with this one, which is reminiscent of the type of traditional tin your grandpa would carry boiled sweets around in. On unscrewing the lid you’re hit with an aroma that is instantly fresh and clean and makes you 100% believe the makers claim that the ingredients are 100% natural.

So what’s in it exactly? The list is too long to repeat here, but top-line ingredient’s are beeswax (for protecting the skin against bacteria), cocoa butter (to reduce friction and hydrate the skin), clay (to absorb sweat) plus lavender and tea-tree oils which guard against inflammation and infection.

The latter two also give this cream its fragrant pong. In terms of consistency its non-greasy, gloopy stuff, that applies quickly, works brilliantly and washes out easily – not least because you only need to use a very small amount. Meaning it’ll last ages, too!

Conclusion: Does exactly what it says on its rather cool tin. Great price, great smell, great cream!

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