Endura Chamois Cream Review

Endura Chamois Cream

What they say: Made in the UK from all natural ingredients, it is formulated to provide an anti-bacterial barrier and prevent chafing and soreness. It can also be used post ride to help soothe and heal.

What we say: Designed to offer an anti-bacterial barrier as well as preventing the friction caused by chafing, Endura’s cream makes for a reliable ride companion. Slathering it generously onto the skin, we found it offered decent coverage and was still in evidence at the end of a lengthy ride.

More or less pong-free, with a consistency that’s pitched somewhere between a grease and a cream it’s also useful, as Endura claim, for aiding with post-ride discomfort. We had no problems washing it out of our pad afterwards either.

Conclusion: A no-nonsense product from the British apparel heavyweights. Decent value, too.

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