Morgan Blue Chamois Creams Review

Morgan Blue Chamois Creams

What they say: A hygienic protecting cream that helps prevent saddle sores, chaffing wounds and skin irritation caused by friction and perspiration during exercise.

What we say: Belgian brand Morgan Blue offers two high-quality solutions to the problem of saddle soreness, both as good as each other. Whether you choose the odor-free solid iteration (which has a Vaseline-like quality) or plump for the more fragrant soft version is really a matter of personal choice as well as what the weather is up to -the cream is meant for drier days apparently, while the solid cream is better suited to the rain.

Although we liked both, our preference was for the soft cream which we found easier and quicker to apply. As its consistency is a lot thinner, however, we found it does require quite a generous application. Both include added vitamin E to promote skin health and plenty of herbal extracts such as St John’s Wart, rosemary oil and olive oil to further protect, nourish and provide antiseptic properties.

Conclusion: Several pro teams swear by these products and with good reason. They’re both highly effective.

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