Sportsbalm Anti-Friction Chamois Cream/Balm Review

Sportsbalm Anti-Friction Chamois Balm

What they say: Protects against chafing between skin and clothing, abrasions or irritations

What we say: Dutch brand Sportsbalm make a range of skin care products aimed at a variety of professional sports folk from top cyclists to ‘soccer-ball’ players, some of whom have apparently helped out with development. Sportsbalm offers two different treatments to aid with comfort in the world inside your bibs, a balm and a cream.

As you might expect from an outfit that caters for top-flight athletes, both the balm and cream work extremely well. The two products use tea tree oil for its natural antibacterial properties, and it gives both a distinctly antiseptic, medicinal aroma. Both, too, are breathable, protective and waterproof.

Of the two, we preferred the balm which has more of a Vaseline-like consistency that we found better suited to longer rides. Both absorb into the skin easily and wash out of clothing without any dramas. Both are priced the same, too.

Conclusion: An assured offering from a company that clearly knows what it’s doing.

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