3T Strada – Team Aqua Blue Sport Bike Review

3T Strada – Team Aqua Blue Sport Bike

Italian-based company 3T took a big step when launching their 3T Strada a sleek machine dedicated not only to aero, but also based completely around 1x gearing and disc brakes.

3T took advantage of this to sculpt out the most aero design possible: clean, flowing lines mimic the exact arc of actual airflow over the tubes. According to 3T, the logo on the downtube is a graphical representation of the airflow on the cross sections.

The most obvious aero design can be seen in the curved seat-stay, which is also sculpted to tuck the tyre in even closer to the frame increasing aero efficiency with a shorter rear stay, which in turn means a stiffer frame. In addition, the downtube flares out around the bottle cage; while on the underside, it’s sculpted out slightly to tuck in behind the front wheel.

The bike is also optimized to take wider tyres – up to 28C. How confident is 3T of the Strada’s abilities? Well, they’re the official bike sponsor of Irish-based Team Aqua Blue Sport, a UCI Professional Continental team – and the only one with dedicated 1x, disc equipped bikes.

3T and Team Aqua Blue Sport run of team bikes available to the public; and Alpine Sports, the local agent, has secured just eleven of them. The team edition is royal blue, with gold graphics and detailed painted touches on the frame paying homage to the team’s Irish roots. It’s a gem, and specced with full SRAM Force livery, 3T accessories, and 3T’s Discus C60 Team issue carbon clinchers with semi-deep sections.

Spec highlights: Thru-axle, aero frame optimised for wider tyres, C60 semi-deepsection carbon clinchers.

Conclusion: The 3T Strada is about the future you can get now, and represents a new generation of efficient and comfortable aerodynamic frames. Given the limited run of team bikes, it’s sure to be a head-turner.

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