Ale R-EV1 Rumbles Jacket and Bib Tights Review

Ale R-EV1 Rumbles Jacket and Bib Tights

What they say: The jacket features the optimized Windtex membrane that actively blocks wind and water, so you can endure the elements in all-round comfort, and a bibtight that will dampen vibrations on unforgiving roads whilst effectively regulating body temperature.

What we say: Wow! This combo demands inclusion for looks alone. Although it’s available in more sober color ways, this orange version makes us think of the 70s, of flamboyant glam-rock stage costumes and daredevil motorcycle riders leaping rows of buses. And we don’t mean that in a bad way! Looks aside, though, how does it perform? Well, there’s nothing remotely last century about the way this has been put together.

Made from a combination of Ale’s Laminated 3L and Stelvio carbon weave, the jacket is essentially made up of three layers: an aerodynamic outer layer that also keeps warmth in and rain out; a middle membrane made of Windtex which, as its name suggest, blocks icy blasts while also wicking away moisture; and a Super Roubaix carbon inner that retains heat and also claims to help lactic acid build-up.

A high neck, complete with zip garage, fitted sleeves and a storm flap behind the zip all add to its weather-combatting capabilities while four pockets (including a zipped security one) take care of business at the back. Available in navy, green, red or orange. The bibtights, meanwhile, use the same snug Super Roubaix carbon found in the jacket, which is better described as water-resistant than waterproof. Ale’s Double Ergo HF pad, meanwhile, offers levels of comfort that could be described as luxurious. Both are available in sizes S-XXL.

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