Aquapac Mini Waterproof Case – Smartphone Case Review

Aquapac Mini Waterproof Case – Smartphone Case

What they say: The original waterproof phone case – and still the best!

What we say: As you’d expect with a name like Aquapac, this brand’s unique selling point for all its products – including this phone case-is the level of waterproofing it offers. And if waterproofing is at the top of your list of priorities for a phone case then this is probably the one you should go for a sit won’t just keep rain water and perspiration out, it’ll protect your smart device even if it gets a proper dunking.

In fact, it’ll even keep the phone afloat in water should you somehow become detached from it. Ideal for devices with screens up to 6 inches, the material is also touch sensitive so you can interact with the screen plus it has a foam- padded rear for extra protection.

Conclusion: If you’re planning a trip that’s a long way off the beaten track, then this may well be your best option.

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