Assos Bonka LL Mule Tights – Winter Tights Review

Assos Bonka LL Mule Tights

Very much aimed at the wintery end of the thermometer these LL Mille tights are the budget-conscious version of Assos’ high-end Bonka winter range. Constructed from their proprietary RX Heavy fabric, it’s been given a water repellency treatment so that water beads on the surface.

Seriously sculpted, the design is strong on freedom of movement thanks to the multiple panels cut to avoid bulk in difficult areas like back of the knees and hips. Like others the front of the leg has been given a double layer for extra warmth and while there are seven sizes the overall cut is slightly more comfort oriented as it comes from the Mille range.


Designed for seriously cold conditions, these maybe too warm for milder British winter days.

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