Assos – Neck Protector S7 Review

Assos - Neck Protector S7

What they say: Bandit style protection for cooler days, the ASSOS Neck Protector can be pulled up to cover the lower part of the face while simultaneously providing continuous fitted protection to the neck and below.

What we say: We tested this in temperatures of 4°C (with -2°C wind chill) while suffering from a fairly miserable cold and found that it provided an impressive level of warmth and, crucially, comfort.

Made from a fleece-lined polyester mix, it has an extended chest covering that takes care of business below the neckline, while the rest of the garment provides a snug, comfortable fit around the ears, nose and the back of the head.

The result is a solid barrier against chills which is easily adjusted with one hand thanks to its elasticated hem. The highly breathable material also ensures that any moisture (nose water included) evaporated immediately.

Verdict 9/10

We liked this a lot. It doesn’t feel so much an accessory to winter cycling wear, as something necessary.

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