BBB BLS-105K Swat Led Front Light Review

BBB BLS-105K Swat Led Front Light

What They Say:

Commuters, look no further! The Swat is specifically developed for you. Only one mode, on or off, lightweight and bulletproof. That’s the Swat.

What We Say:

OK, we’re going to ‘fess up here… Living in a state where firearms are mercifully tricky to come by, we didn’t actually test out BBB’s claims that its Swat light is bulletproof! What we will say about it is that it’s tough. Reassuringly so.

It’s also lightweight (87g), a cinch to use and kind of cool looking. It’s easy to fit, too, by clipping it onto the accompanying plastic clamp, which attaches to your handlebars via rubber strips secured with an Allen key.

Removing it’s just as easy, too, once you’ve pressed the release button that’s there to stop the light from detaching mid-ride. There are no different modes to play about with, this light does the simple job of providing a steady beam of 120 lumens of light out in front of you for around four hours.

The battery can then be recharged via the USB port which is housed beneath that blue rubber door at the back. As its mild lumen-strength suggests, this is a light designed specifically for use on streets illuminated by streetlight.

To underscore its urban credentials, its beam also has a square,downward-facing pattern that’s specifically designed to not dazzle oncoming traffic.

Verdict: 7/10

Unfussy, simple-to-use light that’s easily fitted/removed, making it an ideal commute companion.

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