BBB BLS-116 Scout Combo Light Review

BBB BLS-116 Scout Combo Light

What They Say:

The Scout Combo has an internal rear light and is ideal as a helmet light. This light is as versatile as it gets, best suited for use on a city or trekking bike.

What We Say:

A great addition or back-up to your bike-lighting options, this combo light is worn mounted on your helmet and sees a front white light of 200 lumens married with a rear red LED light of 10 lumens.

There are also three combo modes (flash/flash, steady/ flash and steady/steady) available, plus four front modes (low beam, standard beam, high beam and flash beam) which are toggled through via the rear lens which also doubles as a power button, and a memory function which means it’ll return to your preferred mode when you switch it on, until you manually change it.

Both lenses also emit plenty of peripheral light so are good for getting you seen from the side as well. Battery life is a decent eight hours on the hardest-working double-flashing mode with recharging done via its built-in USB port. It easily attaches to your lid via the included mount and adjustable Velcro straps.

This tough little unit comes in a sleek and sturdy aluminium casing, that is also water-resistant. It weighs in at exactly 100g, so while you’ll know it’s there, it’s not so heavy that it’ll leave you neck muscles aching.

Verdict: 7/10

A good addition to a standard lighting set up- useful for tackling nocturnal mechanicals.

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