BBB BLS-69 UK Scope Headlight Review

BBB BLS-69 UK Scope Headlight

One for serious offroaders!

What They Say:

Scope 1500 is the light to use when going out for night rides on an MTB.

What We Say:

This is most definitely a specialist bit of kit but it’s very cool and we wanted to give you an idea of just how broad the spectrum of bike light choices is. Looking not unlike Wall-E, this sturdy, aluminium creation is tough enough to survive most off road adventures.

This can be mounted centrally over your bike’s stem using a plastic clamp and rubber inserts, and has a swivel mount that allows you to manually angle the light up or down to light up the trail ahead of you. On the bars the beam pattern can be a little restricted, but if you elevate it to head height and attach it to your lid with the GoPro-style helmet mount (also included) it’s ideal.

There are four light modes in total: super beam, high, standard and low beam, which you can reach by toggling through the power button. At 1,564 lumens on full beam, this will light up your way even on the darkest of nights in the remotest of wilds.

It comes with a 145 g external mains-rechargeable battery pack and a 110 cm extension cable, so you can stow the power unit just about anywhere using the supplied mount, or sling it in your backpack.

Burn time is about 1.5 hours at full blast rising to 7.5 hours in less demanding modes, The whole thing weighs in at 248 g and it’s got a similarly hefty price tag, too, but hey, this is one seriously powerful bike light!

Verdict: 9.5/10

Pricey, but if you’re the kind of loon who likes to chuck themselves down mountains in the dark, this could be your new best friend.

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