BBB BLS 80 High Laser Rear Light Review

BBB BLS 80 High Laser Rear Light

What They Say:

The HighLaser uses a 0.5 Watt super bright red LED and two normal red LEDs. For use on a city or trekking bike in extremely dark conditions.

What They Say:

This is a great value option that could easily be paired with BBB’s Swat light. It’s also simplicity itself. It has just two modes – a constant beam and a flashing one – and is attached to your seatpost via a plastic bracket.

It can then be rapidly removed via a quick- release system, leaving the bracket in place, making it ideal for foiling opportunistic tea leaves if you need to leave your bike unattended outside a shop, say, or are parking it up at work for the day.

Unlike the others on test, this one is powered by two old-school AAA batteries which are provided with the light. So there’s some minor faffing involved with getting this light up and running, and as the operating switch is located at the back of the unit, it proved slightly fiddly to operate with winter cycling gloves on.

For less than $19, though, this 43g tiddler (it measures just 65x38x26mm) was adjudged worthy of inclusion here for its size and slimline price tag. It also offers decent levels of water resistance so should put up with most of what the skies chuck at it.

Verdict: 7/10

Budget option. One of the smallest lights on test but still kicks out a sufficiently bright glow to get you seen in most urban environments.

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