Blackburn Central 350 Micro Light Review

Blackburn Central 350 Micro Light

What They Say:

This tiny light packs mad power and is still small enough to fit easily in your pocket.

What We Say:

Weighing in at a mere 62g it’s definitely one of the lighter front lamps tested here, and given its size it performs impressively well, honking out 350 lumens of light in a constant beam in its highest mode.

Although given that this drains the battery in roughly an hour, using it in low mode at 100 lumens is a better option if you need it to work for up to three hours before recharging via its USB port.

Other modes including ‘pulse’ and ‘strobe’ will buy you between 6-10 hours, while the built-in battery indicator will let you know if you’re about to be left in the dark. Easy to operate, and easy to fit either to your bars or some helmets thanks to its no-tools- needed swivel mount that also allows you to angle the light to suit your needs.

The windows either side of the lens also allows a good level of visibility from the sides which gets a thumbs up from us. With its tough aluminium casing, it passed our drop test with aplomb, while it proved more than a match for our spray test, too.

Not surprising really since Blackburn claims you could dunk it in a metre of water for up to half an hour and it still works!

Verdict: 8/10

This hard working, hard wearing tiddler left us impressed. Ideal for all types of urban and suburban riding. The flash little thing.

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