Brooks Femto Front and Rear Lights Review

Brooks Femto Front and Rear Lights

What They Say:

Distinctive copper-colored LED bicycle lights that can be quickly attached to the frame, handlebars or seat post.

What We Say:

They maybe badged up as Brooks and wearing that firm’s old school style, but these are actually made by Lezyne-a further reassurance of their quality. These are really neat little things.

Powered by a couple of watch batteries, these lightweight, copper- colored lights attach to your bike via a simple rubber band that won’t scratch your frame’s paintwork. They’re just as easy to remove, too, and small and light enough (just 31g each) to be popped in a bag or a pocket to avoid theft.

The 15-lumen beam is hardly likely to scorch anyone’s retinas, but they’ll do for urban cycling after dark in well-lit areas. Choose between constant illumination or four flashing modes, with up to 60 hours of burn time. We’re fans of that steampunk look, too.

Verdict: 7/10

Ideal for riding in well-lit areas at night. And a good option if style is an important factor when choosing your bike accessories. Ideal for urban hipster types, then.

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