Castelli Chamois Dry Lube Review

Castelli Chamois Dry Lube

What they say: A clean dry hygienic balm that provides an anti-friction coating on the skin and fights off infections.

What we say: Castelli is, of course, best known for its top-notch cycle clothing but has, in recent years, branched out into other areas. This so-called dry lube is part of its Linea Pelle range of personal care products and can either be bought separately, as seen here, or part of a mesh-sack pack that also includes a 100 ml tube of Warming Cream and a 100 ml tube of Foul Weather Cream 100 ml.

Tea tree oil is, again, the main ingredient used here for its unique antibacterial properties, although where this differs from others here (well, apart from the unique pump that you use to dispense it from the lube) is that this is designed specifically for wet riding and therefore contains no moisturizers – which Castelli insist can weaken skin.

Consistency is, as the name suggests, curiously dry once applied. It’s a thin, non-oily cream that clings to your skin upon application to form a non-intrusive barrier that’s highly effective over long distances and washes out of clothing easily.

Conclusion: A different take on it from Castelli, but no less effective for that. Like its clothing, this is a classy product.

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