Castelli Prosecco R LS Printed Base Layer Review

Castelli Prosecco R LS Printed Base Layer

What they say: The Prosecco R base layers are mid-weight, offering exceptional breathability with a small thermal benefit.

What we say: As you’d expect from a brand with Castelli’s race heritage, this baselayer’s cut is close and is designed to fit under a jersey or jacket to improve performance. Made from 100% polyester, it wicking abilities ensure any sweat you generate evaporates before it can chill your skin.

This is a mid-weight garment best used in temperatures between 6-18°C, making it suitable for near all-year-round riding. We’re not sure why it’s named after that fizzy plonk that so often (rocket) fuels hen dos, but we do know that panache has always played a part in Castelli’s thinking and that’s certainly borne out by the stylish ‘Mirage’ pink and grey colorway this comes in Available in sizes from XS-XXL.

Conclusion: Despite the tight fit, the construction and material ensure this is incredibly comfortable.

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