Ekoi Heat Concept Gloves Review

Ekoi Heat Concept Gloves

The Ekoi Heat Concept gloves include heating elements to keep your fingers warm. These are powered by two thin battery packs in each glove that fit into a sleeve inside the underside of the cuff. A cable with a small plug connects them to the heating elements. Unfortunately, you can feel the batteries digging into your wrists while riding despite them having rounded edges.

Heat output is controlled using a small square button on the top of the glove. Give it a long push and it turns on, while shorter pushes cause the heating to cycle through four different target temperatures, between 25°C and 40°C. The level of heat selected is indicated by the color of the button. Battery life is around two hours at the highest setting; five hours on the lowest.

The gloves themselves are very well padded with a breathable waterproof membrane, although Ekoi still says that you should switch the heating off in heavy rain. Ekoi also advises against washing them. If you plan to ride in -20°C they might be worth considering. But in the UK the cons probably outweigh the pros.

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