Endura Engineered Base Layer Review

Endura Engineered Base Layer

What they say: The construction this garment provides incredible stretch and minimal seams while the varied panels of fabric density deliver extra wicking or warmth where you need it most.

What we say: With Endura’s products you always get the feeling that someone has put an awful lot of thought in and that’s certainly the case with this ‘engineered’ base layer. Endura has used a 3D knit to provide insulating protection which sees this wrap itself around your torso and arms with what are almost like panels of soft armor.

The polyester/nylon/elastane mix employed not only ensure this almost sucks down onto your skin as soon as you pull it on, but gets rid of sweat effortlessly, thanks in part to the mesh panel that runs along the spine.

Of course, that close fit and the material used means this will serve you well during intense efforts but when worn with other layers, it also proved superbly insulating during longer cold-weather excursions. Available in sizes S-XXL, we found our large size came up a little bit small. But then we were testing just after a particularly merry Christmas!

Conclusion: Want a base layer to see you through really cold rides? Then this is a superb choice.

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